Monday, 3 November 2008

Made in St.Mary's!

The Evening Standard review for Yard Gal has just come out.
I've reproduced in full here...

Yard Gal is astonishing

By Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard 03.11.08


It is a rare and delightful treat to encounter a production as splendid as this, especially in a lesser known fringe venue. A credit-crunch-friendly £8 buys entry to 21-year-old director Stef O’Driscoll’s revival of Rebecca Prichard’s terrifying look at two teenage girls posturing around the streets of Hackney. From the opening seconds, O’Driscoll’s confidence-packed production has us gripped, as Boo (Stefanie Di Rubbo) and Marie (Monsay Whitney) saunter on and eyeball individual audience members with menacing intent. Thus begins a hurtling 90-minute account of drug taking and dealing, casual prostitution and girl gang etiquette. Di Rubbo and Whitney are charismatic young actors with great futures. They capture with unflagging vocal and physical energy the high spirits and black humour of these lifelong friends, as well as recounting the exploits of fellow “yard gals”, including one who loved fighting so long as it didn’t mess with her hair. All the bounce in the world, however, cannot mask the frighteningly nihilistic lives that Boo and Marie lead. A bigger yard — or transfer to a larger theatre — would be just reward for these astonishing gals.

Well done team!!!!

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Gareth James said...

I went to see this last night on the strength of the Standard review and was hugely impressed. I'd missed the original production at the Royal Court so I came to it fresh. When I read in the programme that the director and both performers were current students / recent graduates I was astonished. This is an exceptional piece of work by anyone's standards.